CAMON Project and Urb@nEcoLife Present in the IoT week 2018

As part of the process of experimentation with OrganiCity of the European Union, CAMoN has been invited by OrganiCity to participate in IoT Week 2018. This event takes place in Bilbao (Spain) from June 4th to 8th. We have a space on the IoT Week stand in Bilbao to present the results of the project.

IoT Week 2018 is an event that addresses the latest trends in the IoT domain and brings together the community that participates in the development of new technologies and Internet of Things solutions.

CAMoN is one of 4 experiments selected among 43 participating teams by OrganiCity.

Among the selected experiments are Tranquil City (London, United Kingdom), Green Roof Monitoring (Oslo, Norway), u-Hopper (Aarhus, Denmark) and CAMoN (Santiago de Cali and Cartagena, Colombia and Spain).

We will be present in two workshops with the OrganiCity team (How We Can Solve Urban Challenges Through City Experimentation: An OrganiCity Workshop in Bilbao and Santander)

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